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Expand Public Transport
It's no secret San Antonio is a car dependent city with transportation options between being limited to mostly motor vehicles. With fluctuating gas prices and rising maintenance costs, we must provide other alternatives to our residents.

We will ensure we work on expanding public transport in San Antonio by adequately funding VIA expansion that assures more routes through lesser served areas and more frequency with already existing routes. We also have a vision for the next decades in San Antonio to lay the framework for rail transport and we will work on building the foundation for it.

Protect District 1 Residents and their homes.
San Antonio is a city on the rise, but this does not mean we forget about those who have chosen to make it their home for the past decades. 

Gentrification is a problem that coexists with rising costs and property taxes, making it harder to afford housing in the city. We have seen developments that has disrupted the life of residents over the last few years and we must for more to protect them. Any and all resources presented to the community to assist them must be easier to access. We will make it more accessible for residents to have the assistance to revitalize their homes and ensure we dont abandon our legacy housing to developers. 

Helping Small Businesses and Owners
As San Antonio grows, we will not turn a blind eye to those who have served our communities and provide the spaces that make District 1 unique. This includes looking out for businesses that exists outside of downtown.

We will favor Small business incentives over Big business ones. We must have a proactive approach to governance that thinks how businesses will be affected when infrastructure projects are laid at their doorstep and makes sure they can still thrive and exist after those projects are over. We will ensure we do not incentivize businesses that price out or local ones through unfair competition and ask those who who have the capacity to reinvest back into district 1.

Restructure CPS Energy Rate
With the rise in cost of living, we have all faced the burden of working even more to keep our lights on alongside other utilities. 

The events of the last few years have showed the necessity of secure access to utilities for our residents. We have to work on ensuring everyone is paying a fair equitable rate for our energy rates and our energy infrastructure. 

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