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Community Organizer, Illustrator, Life-long District 1 Resident

My name is Roberto Rios-Ortega, and I am running to be your next District 1 City Council Representative; I am a son, an Immigrant, and a Community Organizer.

My parents immigrated from Monterrey when I was 2 and I became a US citizen during the 2020 pandemic. I grew up in San Antonio, and D1 has always been my home.

Our district isn’t just about our locations and landmarks, but those who live and create their history and legacy here. 

I have seen the many changes that have occurred in this city and our district, some good and some not to the benefit of everyone. Most of the time I am disappointed about the way this city continues to operate, often without accountability and the input of our residents.

On top of this we are dealing with many more problems and crises due to the pandemic, an unstable economy, and changing realities that are not being addressed. 

Being a community organizer over the last few years has exposed me to the plurality of hurts and pains many of us are facing in the many aspects of our lives. Our neighbors have seen their lives transformed and as a result there is more uncertainty for all of us to contend with. We must provide a system of governance that is there to serve the lives and needs of all residents and cultivate a city of compassion and care.

So, we will work together to build a district that serves and represents all of us. Together we can ensure our future is a brighter one for all


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